Built as a high amphitheatre, Perachori, is a unique and vibrant village gazing down on Vathy and away, across the sea to the islands of the north and to the mainland. A winding road from Vathy leads visitors to a settlement of well-cared for houses, whitewashed courtyards and gardens full of flowers. As you travel up the road, the views become increasingly impressive and from the highest point at Agnantio you can easily make out Lefkada and Zakynthos.

The villagers of Perachori are known for their hardworking character and lively and welcoming personalities. A good number of them are seamen or farmers.
Visitors can avail themselves of locally produced goods of high quality from the purest of local sources such as wine, olive oil and honey. The local Perachori wine is offered free to visitors at the ‘Wine Festival’ hosted by the village on the final Saturday of every July.

© Foivos Tsaravopoulos
© Giorgos Delaportas

Within easy walking distance of the village we can find the Perachori woods “Afentikos Longos”, a few small, well-cared-for and functioning churches, Taxiarches Monastery and the ruins of the medieval villages of Paleochora and Kounouvato. It is here, in Kounouvato, where St. Raphael was born and a church has been built on the site of his home dwelling and is named for him. In the immediate hinterland of Perachori, Marathia, we can discover and visit a number of sites referenced by Homer—the Fountain of Arethousa, the Raven’s stone perch, the Eumaeus cave and the First Place (Antri).

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