Ithaca is among the smaller islands of the Ionian Sea. It is situated south of Lefkada and northeast of Kefallonia.

It has three basic ports (Vathy, Piso Aetos and Frikes). It is through these ports that there is a connection with Kefallonia and Lefkada, as well as with the mainland (Patras and Astakos).

Smaller passenger boats supplement the seaward connection with Ithaca and the surrounding region.

The closest airports are those of Kefallonia (IATA:EFL,ICAO:LGKF) and Aktion-Preveza (ΙΑΤΑ: PVK , ΙCAO:LGPZ).

By Ship

The harbor of Piso Aetos receives the main volume of shipping routes. The harbors of Vathy and Frikes cater for supplementary needs.

The shipping connection of Ithaca with the mainland is through the harbours of Patras and Astakos. The duration of the trip is between two hours and thirty minutes and four hours. There is a stop in Sami in Kefallonia, depending on the route.

There are direct connections through Kefallonia and Lefkada. The geographical proximity of the three islands lessens the duration of the trip and makes island hopping a popular holiday combination. Ithaca has a direct connection with Sami in Kefallonia, and the harbour of Vasiliki in Lefkada. In the summer months there are connections to Fiskardo in Kefallonia and Nydri in Lefkada.

For further information, please contact the travel agencies of Ithaca and the regional Harbour Authorities or, click on the following links:

Harbor authorities telephone numbers+


Duration 2 hours & 30 minutes to 2 hours & 45 minutes

Duration 4 houres

Sami Kefallonia-Ithaca route 1
Duration 30 minutes

Sami Kefallonia-Ithaca route 2
Duration 20 minutes

By passenger-boat

Sea-taxis and tourist passenger boats are an alternative means of transport for those that do not wish to wait in ports or who have arrived too late for the main routes.  The possibility of immediate service day and night, the easy and quick transport, the close contact with the sea itself, all this has rendered the passenger boats a particularly popular means of transport. For further information, please visit the websites of the following enterprises:


Vathy-Ithaca, 28300 Greece
Mob. +30 6974420950

Sami-Kefallonia, 28080 Greece
Mob. +30 6978290439

Mob. +30 697 697 0462

By Air

The airport of Kefallonia (IATA:EFL,  ICAO:LGKF) is the nearest to Ithaca. It therefore constitutes an ideal solution for those visitors that want to arrive on the spur of the moment. On arrival, visitors journey by road to Sami (33,2 km) and then continue on to Ithaca. In the event of not having a direct connection between flights and sea routes, the crossing is covered by passenger boats.

The airportof Aktion-Preveza(ΙΑΤΑ: PVK , ΙCAO:LGPZ) is on the mainland and covers the needs of the surrounding region as well as those of Lefkada and Ithaca. Lefkada is connected by sea to Ithaca through the ports of Nydri ( 34 km from the airport) and Vasiliki ( 54,9 Km).

For further informations please visit: (PREVEZA) (KEFALONIA)

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