The people of Ithaca reflect the two faces of Odysseus… Travellers themselves over the years, sailors, soldiers, explorers, navigators…  And the island always there, waiting for them and their “gifts”, experiences, stories, or just their silence. Today they carry on the tradition of seamanship of their island, captains or scientists, explorers of life and knowledge … but they always return. …And those who stay on the island, vine-growers, beekeepers, gardeners, fishermen, olive growers, labourers of the land, guards and kings of the island.

Many residents are engaged in tourism.

Ithacans welcome the Stranger, the Visitor, the Explorer, the Traveller … They welcome him because they identify with him and know how to embrace him without asking a lot. Life flows on in its own rhythm and very few things cause a stir.  Ithacans are not startled because they possess knowledge that comes from the depths of time and from the ends of the world…

Ithaca has maintained its nobility and has intuitively resisted to anything that could send it off its quiet, secret course. It is genuine nobility manifested in the behaviour of the people both in their private and social life and it does not escape notice.

The islanders are resourceful and versatile, self-confident people, neither begging, nor rejecting. They form a calm and strong community, which has been greatly influenced by Western culture in thought and behaviour. They welcome you without ever asking why you came to Ithaca … However, they will all wish you “Have a nice trip” when you leave, and will ask you to “Come back again”!!!

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