In Ithaca, the first light of day is golden and reaches us from the Greek mainland. Dawn paints the horizon pink, roosters crow, the sea awakens and sends its first breeze as a sign……  the horizon broadens, our soul broadens….

Dawn on Niritos, sunrise at Rachi, at Filiatro. Sunrise from the ship, the sun following you as you bid the island farewell….

The sweet twilight foretells of calm, cool nights. It’s time for a walk through Vathy, for a bike-ride, for the best dive of the day!

© Giorgos Lilas
© Dimitris Artavanis

Sunset in Ithaca is an intense experience wherever you are. The sun sets behind Fiscardo of Kefallonia and the whole of the western side of Ithaca is bathed in gold. Sunset from a bench with a view near the Mill of Tzanetos in Lefki, from the high sentry-posts of Ithaca- Exogi, Anogi…. but even from the sea at Ai Giannis with the channel bathed in beams of light that pierce the clouds that announce the night that approaches.

The rising of the moon from Perachori, full moon over Vathy, a red moon that makes an appearance from the Mills of Kioni and takes your breath away.

Sunrise and Sunset over Ithaca…… and you can truly claim to know the mystical way in which God lights-up the world!

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