Lefki is built on the western side of Nirito Mountain and looks out over the Kefallonian channel and watches the setting of the sun behind Fiskardo on the other side of that stretch of water. The houses are a mix of white painted ones and others with the colours of the hillside into which they are built. Houses have been built on either side of the road joining Stavros to Vathy and their characteristically traditional architecture provide an authentic, island sight for any visitor.

The village is surrounded by small valleys and outcrops which are full of green olive trees and the Redbud ‘Judas Trees’. Pathways lead down from the village, through a verdant landscape, to great rocks on the sea’s edge and to small, secluded beaches of exceptional beauty. Ammoudaki, Kalomoiri sands, and Kaminia are all small beaches with clear blue/green waters which reflect the colours of the sunset as the sun itself disappears towards Fiskardo. A particularly special viewing experience of the sunset can be felt if you take the road from Lefki to Kavos to witness a wild, natural, rugged and magnificent landscape. More active visitors might also want to follow the pathway from the town to the small church of St. George which hosts an annual festival.

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At the church of Theotokos, we can examine the wooden, carved altar screen with evidence of Russian artistic elements which was dedicated to Ulysses by Ithacan migrants at the end of the 19th century. The small church of Agios Vlasios is home to a number of fine post-Byzantine icons.

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