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Βαθύ – Παραλία Γιδάκι – Παραλία Φιλιατρό – Κόλπος Σαρακίνικο

Sea Kayak recommended route

The above recommended route by kayak is magnificent and also suitable for beginners. During the summer months, especially in the morning, the sea is calm making kayaking a pleasure.  Along the 12.5 km route the paddler can enjoy a wide variety of coastline and more than 20 large and small beaches. Sea kayaking, more than any other kind of boating, offers the traveller the opportunity to disembark easily and quickly on the beaches of his choice and be closer to places that interest him.  Along a single route, the visitors can swim in some of the best beaches of Ithaca like Gidaki, Filiatro and Sarakiniko and many smaller, inaccessible beaches.  He can also visit Lazaretto islet in the middle of the port of Vathy, or other points of interest such as Cape Vardiola, Cape Skotaria and Petridofolia cave in the bay of Sarakiniko.

The paddler must pay attention to safety and rescue measures and the weather forecast. It is advisable to avoid the entrance of the port of Vathy in the afternoon, when the north-west wind strengthens and the traffic of vessels increases. The duration of this route depends on the rowing rate of the paddler and can range from 3 to 5 hours in a modern, closed-deck kayak.

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