Length: 500m.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Suggested Hours: Afternoon

Start at Vathy and take the road toward Marathia. A bit before “Anemodouri” (there is a sign), on the right side of the road you will see a blue information sign, and from here you will start toward the cave. The path is uphill, but it is at an easy inclination and quite a short distance. After about a 20 minute climb you will reach the cave. You can enter from a small opening in the rock and the impressively sized cave (for Ithaca’s standards) will open in front of you! At the side of the ceiling of the cave there is a large opening from which an adequate amount of air and sunlight enter. At the bottom of that opening you will see an old fig tree. The cave is very spacious and that is the reason why in the past it was used to house animals. Researchers mention that it is the Homeric Cave of Eumaeus, Odysseus’ swineherd.

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