Length: 1,250m.
Difficulty Level: Medium
Suggested Hours: Afternoon

This is the old road that connected the inhabitants of Exogi with the fountains of Kalamos, their citrus groves and the sea.

Start from Kalamos. Facing the fountains of Kalamos, the path toward Exogi starts on the right. Following the red marks and being careful at the places where the stone wall of the road has fallen, you will reach the first dirt road. Follow it to the left toward the settlement of Kollieri. Before the first houses of the settlement turn right at the second part of the path following the red marks until you reach a second dirt road. Cross this road and continue across on the uphill stone paved road which, under the shade of the trees, will lead you high up to Exogi.

After the first house of the village you will find yourself at a fork in the road. The route on the right leads to the stone gate of the Church of the “Evangelistria” and from there straight to the heart of the village to the church of “Agia Marina”.

The route on the left leads to a triple fork in the road where the three old roads of Exogi begin toward Platreithias, Kalamos and Stavros (routes 3, 4, 5).

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