Length: 4,600m
Difficulty Level: Medium
Suggested Hours: Afternoon

As you leave Exogi toward Stavros before the last houses of the village on the left of the road a wide dirt road begins. Enter this road and you will find yourself at a triple fork in the road where the three old roads of Exogi begin. If you take the road on the left, you will go toward Platreithias and Kalamos (routes 3, 4). You should take the road on the right which leads to Stavros. At the beginning the route is horizontal, then it continues downhill and then becomes a cobbled road which leads to the paved road to Stavros through a creek.

Follow the paved road to the right (uphill). After three turns and on your left you will come to the path which to the present day is taken by the residents of Exogi to reach their properties at Rousano.

Follow the yellow marks and enjoy the view of the impressive Afales bay and the beautiful valley of Northern Ithaca.

The path ends up at the small plateau of Rousano. Next to you on your left you will see a vineyard. From here, the path on the right leads you to the western side of the plateau where you can enjoy the view of Kefallonia and the open sea. The path on the left leads a little bit lower to “Paliokastro”, a lookout of the Hellenistic period.

Leaving Paliokastro walking on the Rousano Plateau to the east you will find a downhill and, at some points, slippery path which will quickly take you down to the small village of Kalyvia with its beautiful 19th century church devoted to the Virgin Mary. From Kalyvia the village road will lead you to Stavros.

As an alternative, you can follow the downhill dirt road which will lead you to the enchanting Polis beach.

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