Length: 4,500m
Difficulty Level: Medium
Suggested Hours: Very early in the morning or late afternoon

This one of the most popular hiking routes of Ithaca. It connects the mountainous Anogi with the seaside Kioni, a village which was founded by the inhabitants of Anogi in the early 1800s, when the threat of pirates had diminished and which had forced the inhabitants to live high in the mountains for protection.

Start from the village square in Anogi and follow the paved road toward the helipad. On the left side of the paved road, next to the last houses of the village, you can admire the very tall oaks (one of the three types of oak trees found on Ithaca) and a bit further down on the right a narrow byway will lead you to the impressive monolith called “Araklis” (8m tall). Return to the paved road toward the helipad. When you reach the fence of the helipad turn left and follow the red marks and start on the old road toward Kioni.

You will cross the plateau of Anogi while on your left you can see the old stone windmills which once ground the wheat which was cultivated on the plateau. At approximately the middle of the way you will find a stone cistern. Next to the cistern there is a small iconostasis which marks the existence of a small ruined church a few meters away from the cistern. Further along the way the road becomes almost horizontal and goes through olive groves and vineyards.

Near Kioni a dirt road cuts through the old road a few times. The route leads you to the beautiful small church of St. Gerasimos on the outskirts of the village and from there you can go down to the picturesque port of Kioni.

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