Length: 2,350m.
Difficulty Level: Medium
Suggested Hours: Afternoon

Follow the road from Vathy toward Marathia and at “Anemodouri” a large sign on the left side of the road shows the direction of the path to Arethousa Spring. Enter the path, which has a gradual downhill inclination, and go through a place which shows no signs of the presence of people. The slopes are full of low bushes and offer a wonderful view of the southeastern coast of Ithaca. The path, after five turns which pass through as many mountain ridges, will suddenly take you to a place which offers a breathtaking view! You are now in front of an impressive, steep rock, a huge geological rift where a spring with the Homeric name has been chiseled out at its base. It is where Eumaeus took his animals to drink (Odyssey v 407-8: : «…αι δε νέμονται παρ Κόρακος πέτρη επί τε κρήνη Αρεθούση»). According to the ancient tradition, Korax was an inhabitant of Ithaca, who, while hunting fell off a cliff and was killed. His mother, Arethousa, hung herself from grief next to a spring. That spring was named after her and was called “Arethousa Spring” and the steep rock was named after her son and was called “Korakos Petra” (Crow’s Rock).

A few meters before the spring, the path to the left toward the sea leads to the wonderful beach “Pera Pigadi”.

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