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Monastery of Taxiarches (Archangels)

The Monastery of Taxiarches is found just beyond the village of Perachori, in the area of Vouni. It was built in October of 1622 by decision of the Elders of the village and by contributions of the inhabitants (land, animals, produce), on the sight of a previous Church of the same name. It consisted of the Church, the residence of the Abbot and the cells. Up until 1898 the Monastery was headed by Ithacan Abbots with a significantly-high level of education. From 1910 onwards the Monastery began to decline. Despite the noteworthy efforts of the priest Spyridon Vlismas, the years that followed were difficult. The final blow came with the earthquakes of 1953 that reduced the Monastery to rubble. A few years later the inhabitants of Perachori, with their persistence and goodwill, some with their personal labour and others with their financial contributions, rebuilt the Church and an adjoining cell.

The Monastery was always a point of reference for the villagers. It celebrated feast days three times a year (Ascension Day, 13 July and 8 November) and during the summer months this was always followed by festivities according to the tradition of the locals. May day festivities, with dancing in the threshing floor in the shade of the chestnut trees, are still renowned. In our days the Monastery continues to celebrate as it did in the past, with the familiar generous spirit and cheerfulness of the villagers of Perachori.

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