• the journey home...

    Ithaca, the journey home

    Ithaca, the journey home…

    Ithaca - a symbol, a destination, a return. Ithaca - a dream, a bow of a vessel, a ship, a safe and windless harbour for the traveller.

    Penelope, Telemachus and Odysseus walked on its ancient footpaths.
    Its noble mountains and lush, tranquil slopes are untouched by clouds.

    Snow-white seashores await the moment of every return.

    Cyclopean stones illuminated by the light of time are witnesses of a significant history.

    Familiar steps. The shells, having passed from ages before, gently whisper the invitation of memory and history as the mistral blows from the sea.

    Well-travelled people return, however late, to the indelible root. The sparse soil gives birth to wild-flowers and nostalgia.

    Ithaca is always there. She stands upright and tirelessly, an object of nostalgia and deep quest. This is her fate, the reason for her existence in the sea’s vastness.

    When using the seaward path, your ship’s bow, like another Odysseus, docks in her mythical embrace. Ithaca will welcome you as an old, familiar friend.

    Ithaca awaited you. Ithaca awaits you.

    She is the flame that fires the detection of every interior way and gives us the hope of redemption, of the return, and the deep awareness of our self.

    That is why the traveller knows well “what Ithacas mean”.

Ithaca or Ithaka (/ˈɪθəkə/; Greek: Ιθάκη, Ithaki /iˈθaci/) is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, off the northeast coast of Kefalonia and to the west of continental Greece.

The name of Ithaca is known from ancient times as mentioned in the Odyssey, the epic poem of Homer.

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