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Church of Vlachernae

Not far from the Holy Church of Gardelaki and on more or less the same elevation, we find the Holy Church of Vlachernae. The Foundation stone, found on the eastern side of the Church, informs us that it was built in 1792. In older writings it is mentioned that it is a building of 1720 and that it functioned as a Holy Monastery.

In the Church we find an exquisite wood-carved Icon-screen with an iconographic uniformity. In other words, all the icons from the top of the Screen to the doors, are the work of the well-known Iconography studio of Perligides from Lixouri of Kefallonia.

In the courtyard of the Church stands a medium-height bell-tower of same age. Its staircase is of special architectural interest. It leads to the bells and is comprised of stone ‘vertebrae’, placed one on top of the other.


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